Hivstd health promotion strategies essay

This chapter presents data on adolescent sexual risk-taking behavior, reviews the studies measuring the impact of adolescent prevention programs, and identifies common characteristics of programs that have been effective in reducing sexual risk-taking behavior.

Similarly, female teenagers have the highest age-specific rate of gonorrhea, whereas male teenagers have the third highest rate. Distributing to the general public does not have to be so targeted — but make sure that people can get condoms easily when they need them.

Another type of Hivstd health promotion strategies essay sometimes discussed is selective abstinence. Thus, each activity was designed to change one or more antecedents specified by the particular theoretical model for the curriculum, and each important antecedent in the theoretical model was addressed by one or more activities.

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Second, although many of the programs showed evidence of increased parent-child communication about sexuality, this increase was typically observed only in the short term and did not endure. It should be noted that other studies have found that certain brief clinic interventions can increase contraceptive use.

For example, some curricula provided data showing that many young people do not have sex or do use condoms, or they had students engage in anonymous decision-making or voting activities in which the tallied decisions or votes demonstrate that students believe they should abstain from sex or use always use condoms.

Some curricula taught different ways to say "No" to sex or unprotected sex, how to insist on the use of condoms or other methods of contraception, how to use body language that reinforced the verbal message, how to repeatedly refuse sex or insist on condom use, how to suggest alternative activities, and how to help build the relationship while refusing unprotected sex or refusing to have sex at all.

This can be accomplished by ordering condoms through a vendor of their choice using funds negotiated in their HIV Prevention budget. Analyses of multiple cross-sectional telephone surveys indicated that the proportion of youth exposed to the program increased over time, and the amount of exposure to the components was related to condom use at last sex with main partner, as well as to some of the theoretical determinants of such use.

The teachers and social workers provide counselling to these girls and try and get them onto a bursary or loan scheme to help them stay in schools. A second study measured the impact of making condoms available in baskets in nine Philadelphia schools.

HIV/AIDS in Brazil

If you know that you are positive, you can protect your partner by practicing safe sex. A cue for action could be a poster, a face—to—face encounter with an outreach worker or a conversation with a friend. It is therefore essential the nurse maintains accurate and up to date record keeping.

Of the 28 evaluations of middle school, high school, or community sexuality or HIV education programs that measured the impact of the programs on the initiation of intercourse, nine studies found that their respective programs delayed the initiation of sex, 18 studies found that the programs had no significant impact one way or the other, and only one study found that the program hastened the onset of intercourse.

In addition, the U. Bilton et al suggests the environment an individual lives in can have an adverse effect on health in that it can influence patterns of behaviour. Furthermore, most of the interventions were not based upon theory, addressed few of the risk and protective factors associated with adolescent sexual risk-taking, and were very modest.

The evidence on these initiatives is mixed. Get permission from the council to paint an educational mural in a public place. To the extent possible, they tried to use group activities to change group norms about what was the expected behavior.

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CDC is working in collaboration with many other governmental and nongovernmental partners at all levels to implement, evaluate, and further develop and strengthen effective HIV prevention efforts nationwide. Distributing Materials - Distributing condoms and other HIV prevention materials for a funded agency.

Clearly, they do not represent a complete solution to the problems associated with unprotected intercourse, but they can be effective components in larger overall strategies to reduce HIV transmission.OPTIONS for HIV.

An HIV/AIDS Resource Directory for Olivia Kasirye, MD, County Health Officer. Public Health Promotion and Education Division. HIV/Communicable Disease Prevention Program. Kyle Lafferty MST, MPH, CHES, HIV/STD Health Program Coordinator.

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The purpose of this essay is to look at dementia in details and get a clear understanding of the level at which this condition affects the society and how it raises public health concern. According to the NHS Choices (), Dementia is said to be a condition that carries a group of. Over the past 10 years, African governments—through national AIDS control programs—international development agencies, private voluntary organizations, and other nongovernmental groups across Africa have devoted resources, time, and energy to developing low-cost interventions to arrest the.

Example proposal: Global Health SVO is an organization that aspires to promote self-reliance through the promotion of education in sound health and finance practices.

The organization has been in partnership with POFO for nearly two years and the director, Mr. Misganaw Eticha is a knowledgeable, well connected, and respected member of the. In the United States, sex, STD, and HIV education programs have been implemented in a variety of settings including schools, family planning clinics, STD clinics, churches, youth serving agencies, housing projects, homeless shelters, detention centers, and communities more broadly.

When identifying a theory or model to guide health promotion or disease prevention programs, it is important to consider a range of factors, such as the specific health problem being addressed, the population(s) being served, and the contexts within which the program is being implemented.

Hivstd health promotion strategies essay
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