Each individual has a different perspective

Humanistic psychologists believe that an individual's behavior is connected to his inner feelings and self-image. It views people as being similar to computers in the way we process information e. Human beings, then, all have the same basic parts, processes, and emotions. The world, then, is defined by how each person views it.

Are students locating information with ease? When they acknowledge their similarities, they understand each other's needs more clearly, and thus get along together better.

Each Individual Has A Different Perspective

Sigmund Freud originally developed the psychoanalytic perspective through his theories, including the stages of psychosexual development, and structural model of personality. These include systematic desensitization for phobias step-by-step exposed to a feared stimulus at once and aversion therapy.

Perspectives Conclusion Therefore, in conclusion, there are so many different perspectives in psychology to explain the different types of behavior and give different angles.

Even if the other person has happy memories of a river, they will be different from yours. As we learn to challenge our unhelpful thoughts and biased perspectives, and see things in a more balanced and realistic way, so we will discover that situations and people can be different to how we usually interpret things, which can lead us to modify our core belief system, and therefore bring about lasting positive change.

Have students visit younger classes and share their diaries as read-alouds or in a Readers Theatre format. Behaviorism is different from most other approaches because they view people and animals as controlled by their environment and specifically that we are the result of what we have learned from our environment.

What is Personality?

They also differ within themselves. Classical conditioning involves learning by association, and operant conditioning involves learning from the consequences of behavior. After completing the photograph activity, introduce the concept of perspective.

Psychology Perspectives

This perspective is greatly influenced through the conscious part of the mind. No matter their language, religion, customs, race, or environment, all human beings have the exact same feelings.


We each have our own scores on the same five scales, scoring somewhere between the two extremes of each one. Thus, symbolic interactionists give serious thought to how people act, and then seek to determine what meanings individuals assign to their own actions and symbols, as well as to those of others.

Instead, our behavior is determined by the unconscious mind and childhood experiences. Different characters in the story have different perspectives on the events. Freud, the founder of psychoanalysisexplained the human mind as like an iceberg, with only a small amount of it being visible, that is our observable behavior, but it is the unconscious, submerged mind that has the most, underlying influence on our behavior.Because each individual is different, each has a different view of the world, a different perspective.

They each live in the same world, using the same basic senses with the same basic feelings. This can help them to mutual understanding. Personality can be defined in different ways, depending on whether we focus on the individual or on people in general.

If we focus on people in general, then we can define personality in terms of individual differences — that is, the range of different styles of thinking, feeling and acting. Nov 17,  · A perspective is not right or wrong by default.

It just is what it is: the point of view of a single person based on their life experiences and values, among other things. We each have one; sometimes we share it with others, and sometimes we do not. Our perspectives shape how we act or react in a situation.

Jan 04,  · Each of the four panels depicts the mean response times of a different individual plotted as a function of the average response times for the whole group of 65 undergraduates who were tested on these tasks.

There is no single perspective that is "better" than another; each simply emphasizes different aspects of human behavior. Major Perspectives in Modern Psychology The early years of psychology were marked by the domination of a succession of different schools of thought.

Nov 17,  · We each have one; sometimes we share it with others, and sometimes we do not. Our perspectives shape how we act or react in a situation.

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Each individual has a different perspective
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