Anti ragging

Raghavan, met victims, guardians and others across the country.

Sadly Ragging Still Exists

It does not exist any where else except in India and in a few of her neighboring countries. In addition, a number of freshmen were severely traumatised to the extent that they were admitted to mental institutions. The main Anti ragging of the helpline is that Anti ragging complaints can be registered even without disclosing the name by the victim, [5] through email at helpline antiragging.

Central Legislations The central legislations, which keep check on the practice of ragging in India, are: It shall be the duty of the Anti-Ragging Committee to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging.

The death was later ruled a suicide. He derives pleasure from inflicting pain on others and he knows that Anti ragging wife is an easy prey because she is a prisoner of her own false beliefs.

Provided that the Anti-Ragging Squad shall conduct such enquiry observing a fair and transparent procedure and the principles of natural justice and after giving adequate opportunity to Anti ragging student or students accused of ragging and other witnesses to place before it the facts, documents and views concerning the incident of ragging, and considering such other relevant information as may be required.

Bullying in schools is a universal phenomenon but ragging is uniquely an Indian phenomenon. That is a very different phenomenon to Ragging. Police stated that D. This man is sick. Also it should not be confused with hazing in the United States.

According to this Constitution, any citizen can produce a petition to the Supreme Court in terms of the article of the Constitution in case of a human right violation or a case closer to the infringement.

On an attempt to resist carrying out the activities, they may beat the fresher with baseball bats or slap them. Subsequently, a major boost to anti-ragging efforts was given by a landmark judgement of the Supreme Court of India in May[14] in response to a Public Interest Litigation filed by the Vishwa Jagriti Mission.

The Indian Supreme Court has taken a strong stand to prevent ragging. The dress code prescribed is generally unusual, e. Many students who commit suicides due to ragging are sexually abused and they would rather take their lives than live with the shame of the act.

Nishantha had not attended the university since the time of the alleged sex abuse case. Many a times students changed their minds also midway not to register the complaint.

Even some of the highly reputed colleges and institutions have a terrible history of ragging. Chandima Wijebandara, the Vice Chancellor of University of Sri Jayewardenepura resigned from his post as a result of students failing to comply with his orders to eliminate ragging from the university.

How ridiculous is this logic? These techniques were used in the military as a mechanism of breaking down an individual so that success was achieved through team effort rather than personal goals or motivation.

We have to understand that while tolerance is a virtue suffering injustice is a sin. Admittedly, not all calls received by the help line are complaints of serious ragging but the fact that so many people rang the anti ragging help line and continue to do so indicates the high level of anxiety that exists in our society on ragging.

The school-leaving certificate should reflect the behavioral pattern of the student. Prior to that, there was no movement against ragging, but certain individuals managed escape from the ragging. Many senior students state they do not wish to rag juniors but succumb to peer pressure.

We do not condemn Eklavya but glorify him for his sacrifice of giving his thumb to Dhronacharya. Last year 30 members of the Parliament, cutting across the party lines, asked ragging related questions in both houses of the parliament.Ragging is originally a western concept and was originally a form of social interaction between seniors and juniors in schools and colleges.

However, these interactions, have taken a very brutal, inhuman and anti-social, form at times. The self-motivated and ceaseless activities of over two dozen clubs and societies constitute a very important part of College life and offer a large variety of avenues for self expression.

Ragging is the term used for the so-called "initiation ritual" practiced in higher education institutions in South Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh and Sri practice is similar to hazing in North America, bizutage in France, praxe in Portugal and other similar practices in educational institutions across the world.

Ragging involves abuse, humiliation or harassment of new. · Proforma of the Affidavit to be Submitted by the students. · Proforma of the Affidavit to be Submitted By Parent/Guardian of the students. · Report of Raghavan Committee constituted by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on “The Menace of Ragging in Educational Institutions” Anti-Ragging other useful Information.

Ragging as we all know, is social interaction between seniors and juniors in schools and colleges. An interaction which can take very brutal, inhuman and anti-social form at times. Even some of the highly reputed colleges and institutions have a t.

Anti Ragging

National Anti Ragging Help Line (UGC Crisis Hotline) 24x7 Toll Free Number* ([email protected]).

Anti ragging
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